About Us

PFC Group commenced operations in 1978 in the field of Aquaculture.

Today we cover all Major areas of the Water Treatment Industry including:

  • Waste-Water Treatment
  • STP Recycling Plants
  • every type of Aeration & Mixing Systems
  • MBR Systems
  • Filteration Systems
  • Lake & Pond Revival / Maintenance programs etc.

PFC exclusively represents 5 Renowned global Companies in the Water Treatment Industry. They are:

  1. Acqua & Co. (Italy)
  2. A3 Water Solutions GmbH (Germany)
  3. AREA Inc (USA)
  4. V & T Filter Group (Holland )
  5. SOLARIS (Austria)

We offer ‘State of the Art’ Aeration & Mixing Systems which assure upto 80% POWER SAVING ( in comparision to conventional Systems ) .


PFC Group has over 60 dealers & Technical Associates spread in every part of the region. We have over 1000 installations in all Major industries for every type of applications with most of the leading companies & Organisations as our Esteemed Regular customers.


PFC GROUP is motivated to achieve desired results through experience & expertise combined with Superior Technology. We look forward to accept and resolve all the environmental challenges of the present and the future.